CEO Becky Quammen Shares Expertise in Prestigious HIS Publication

CEO Becky Quammen Shares Expertise in Prestigious HIS Publication

Quammen Health Care Consultants’ expertise is in demand from health systems as well as industry media outlets. Only a few months into 2015, CEO Becky Quammen has already had two pieces published in Health Management Technology Magazine.

The first article, “The Questions You Should Ask About Your EHR/EMR,” was an expert Q&A piece covering one of the hottest topics in the industry.

Many healthcare leaders are struggling with financial concerns related to the rising costs of EMR implementation and maintenance. Organizations fear that their investments in EMR will be a drain on resources and will prevent them from allocating necessary funds to other important initiatives.

Quammen doesn’t think healthcare organizations need to switch into penny pincher mode. Instead, she argues, it’s more important than ever for providers to strategically allocate financial and human resources. Read the rest of the article to learn her tips on how to optimize resources.

The second article, titled “Taking ICD-10 from burden to strategic opportunity,” was just published in February. In this piece, Quammen focuses on the challenges some providers are facing on the path from ICD-9 to ICD-10.

According to a Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange survey, only half of the
providers responded that their ICD-10 impact assessments were complete — virtually the same percentage reported in a survey from 2013.

The survey found, in particular, that small providers are lagging behind on the path to ICD-10. Many organizations will struggle to reach the deadline of October 2015, which has already been pushed back once.

Quammen argues that switching the focus of the conversation from deadline preparedness to the long-term benefits of ICD-10 will benefit providers. Read the full article here.

Stay Tuned!

More publications will be on the way in the months to come. Stay tuned to all the industry news and commentary by Becky Quammen and the Quammen Health Care Consultants leadership staff.

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