HIMSS Leadership Survey: Validating our Suspicions

26th Annual HIMSS Leadership Survey ResultsThe 26th Annual HIMSS Leadership Survey confirmed some things that we have intuitively suspected were true for quite some time:

  • It’s all about the patient. For years, we’ve been trumpeting the fact that IT initiatives need to zero in on the patient.  According to the survey results, which were announced during the mega-conference that attracted some 43,000 people to McCormick Place in Chicago last week, nearly three-quarters of the respondents said that “consumer and patient considerations, such as patient engagement, satisfaction and quality of care would be the business issue that would most impact their organization over the course of the next two years.”
  • You’ve got to be strategic. We’ve never believed in technology for technology’s sake here at Quammen Health Care Consultants – opting instead to tie every information technology implementation to strategic goals. The modus operandi seems to be catching on, as three-quarters of respondents indicated that their organization’s IT strategic plans support their overall strategic plan.
  • There’s plenty of work to do. With IT playing such an important role in moving organizations forward, approximately half of the respondents indicated that they expect to increase the number of IT staff at their organizations in the next year. The good news is that we are ready to help your organization get all this work done, efficiently and cost-effectively. Quammen Health Care Consultants offers exactly the level of support you need through a variety of alternative staffing solutions:
    • Co-sourcing: We work side-by-side with your internal team members, assuming operational staff roles — making it possible for your organization to manage peaks and troughs in your information technology staffing.
    • Application sourcing: Let us take the lead, as we have what it takes to recruit, train and retain staff for specific information technology roles.
    • Technology sourcing: We can ensure information technology solutions meet strategic goals and end user computing needs.
    • Interim management: Let us bridge short or long term gaps before information technology initiatives are negatively impacted.
    • Consultancy: We enable your organization to successfully implement expert software or technology solutions to meet episodic needs.

Contact us today to learn about Healthcare Consulting and how we can help your organization: (407) 539-2015.

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