A Solution for the Evolving Frustrations of EHR Adoption

ehr adoptionEHR continues to be a top information technology concern for medical practices, but its primary challenges are evolving. With two stages of meaningful use requirements already in the books, a recent study revealed that finding the right EHR has slipped to the third biggest IT worry for healthcare organization leaders. EHR-related productivity drops have taken over the top spot.

According to the Physician’s Practice 2015 Technology Survey, many practices are struggling to successfully incorporate an EHR into their daily operations. Roughly 16 percent of the 1,181 physicians and medical professionals polled said that “a drop in productivity due to our EHR” was their most pressing information technology problem.

“Lack of interoperability between EHRs” rated as the second most common problem and “EHR adoption and implementation” rounded out the top three. “It’s clear to see which technology issue is dominating the concerns of healthcare leaders these days,” said Marc Holt, a representative of a Minneapolis IT services specialist. “The transition to electronic health records is an ongoing headache for health systems across the nation.”

The Physician’s Practice survey also revealed that frustrations are being driven by a lack of bottom line results:

– More than two-thirds of respondents said they aren’t seeing positive ROI from EHR
– More than one-third said they are seeing fewer patients post-EHR adoption

While some medical practices struggle with the challenges of fully integrating an EHR into their daily operations, 37 percent of respondents said they haven’t even met the more basic requirements associated with Meaningful Use Stage 1 certification.

How Can Your Organization Achieve Meaningful Use Success?

Healthcare organizations distracted by EHR challenges face penalties for falling behind in the required steps of Meaningful Use achievement. They also miss out on a plethora of potential benefits associated with technological advancement:

– Better management of population health
– Better patient experiences
– Lower per capita costs

Quammen Health Care Consultants is a full service healthcare information systems and business consulting firm with a health reform track record that includes helping hundreds of medical systems in the US achieve sustained Meaningful Use success through effective EHR adoption and optimization strategies. We learn about the unique health ecosystems of our clients and then we deliver the custom solutions that drive results.

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