Accountable Care Organizations

In response to the ongoing challenges of rising healthcare costs and fragmenting care delivery systems, accountable care organizations (ACOs) have emerged as a solution. These organizations offer a new financial model and the potential for more effective care delivery, but they also come with significant clinical, organizational, cultural, and IT demands.

If you have decided to transition to the ACO model, Quammen Health Care Consultants is here to help you overcome the challenges ahead.

Our ACO experts have the experience and expertise needed to guide healthcare organizations successfully through the transition process. Thanks to our extensive ACO development process, your organization will be able to thrive in a post-reform, value-based environment.

Our ACO development phase services include:


– Resolve connection issues between disparate information technology systems – Too close to Beacon wording “Resolving connection issues with disparate IT systems”

– Implement, optimize, and upgrade EMR

– Develop quality reporting practices

– Incorporate analytics

– Establish an all payer claims database – Too close to Beacon wording “Establishing an all payer claims databases (APCD)


– Evaluate risk

– Analyze claims

– Manage costs

– Document opportunities for clinical improvement

– Allocate shared savings


– Coordinate care and care transitions – Too close to Beacon “Care coordination and care transition

– Assess and optimize workflows

– Optimize clinical IT

– Develop a patient-centered medical home program – Do you want the acronym PCMH

You can rely on Quammen Health Care Consultants for comprehensive ACO planning, development, and optimization. For assistance on governance, operational management, risk management, clinical management, leadership, IT, and all the attributes that matter to a successful ACO transition, call our team today!

– Gap analysis and readiness assessment to identify risks and define focus

– Strategic plan development, including:

– Developing a care coordination program

– Using analytics to optimize management of population health

– Creating a governance model

– Selecting partners and developing networks

– Connecting information technology systems with HIE development

– Strategizing consumer engagement and physician engagement

– Analyzing financial data to define appropriate risk levels

– MSSP application assistance

In coordination with ACO development, we offer a range of information technology, financial, and clinical optimization services: