From the CEO

When we started this company, we took advantage of a rare opportunity. The Quammen Health Care Consultants executives had a chance to build a company around the values we thought most defined who we were and what the market was looking for: passionate motivation and ethical relationships.

In information technology, and even more so in healthcare, this is a must. During the more than 25 years I’ve spent as a healthcare executive, an IT enthusiast and a public speaker, I’ve encountered no shortage of inspiring, committed people working for the benefit of their patients and communities. I speak for our entire group when I say we think passion is the driving force behind our nation’s healthcare system—and one reason we’re proud we chose this field.

To us, ethical guidelines are just as important to business relationships. That said, we believe we’re making a difference where we work: at the intersection of healthcare, technology and business. To use one very small but symbolic example, our experience led us to take a different approach to consulting: We base employee incentives on client service, not billable hours. And we also pride ourselves on qualities such as living up to our promises and rolling up our sleeves to work with clients “in the trenches.”

Contrary to what some might think, we’ve found that passion and ethics go well together. Keeping a principled foundation at the forefront actually makes it easier for everyone to make better decisions, perform at their best, and flourish.

We hope you and your organization will grow and thrive as we continue our mission to transform healthcare together.


Becky Quammen, MBA
Founder and CEO
Quammen Health Care Consultants
Winter Park, Florida