Supporting the Transition to Your New HIT System

As the go-live date for your new healthcare informational technology system comes up, the experienced team at Quammen Health Care Consultants will help you shift focus from technical process measures to adoption and user training.

Together, we’ll make sure that your team is fully supported to focus on patient care while transitioning their daily workflow to a new system.

QHCC’s go-live package blends leadership development, mentorship and personalized training from seasoned field professionals, and upper-level support to turn your HIT system into a lean, efficient organization. We’ll work to stabilize your staff’s technical know-how and make sure everyone is on the same page and working to the maximum of their productivity.

24/7 Personalized Support – We’re committed to providing round-the-clock help so that your organization can hit its goals without the delays and frustrations of technical issues.

Our highly trained team will:

  •  Identify key performance indicators and map them to specific metrics in order to create realistic, concrete goals
  • Research new technology with an eye on efficiency and ROI
  • Re-orient and adjust as needed as implementation progresses to make sure the plan is on point and

Our holistic support services include:

  • Floating staff to address all of your needs
  • Human resources to fill crucial gaps as your team adjusts to the new system
  • Comprehensive resource materials and supplements
  • A full-time command center and help desk

As your organization gets on track with the new system during and after launch, Quammen Health Care Consultants’ staff of capable trainers will be happy to provide high-impact instruction and targeted assistance in order to get everyone up to speed and manage specific applications.

Contact us today for expert go-live support!