Government Services

Quammen Health Care Consultants has a range of services designed for the unique needs of local, state, and federal governmental organizations.

We are ready to put our expertise in the field of Healthcare IT to work for your organization. Consider all of the options we offer:

Program Assessment

Our team conducts accurate, unbiased assessments that allow government agencies to determine the costs and benefits of government-funded programs. With the insights gleaned from a Quammen Health Care Consultants audit, your agency will have a clear view of the potential benefits possible through healthcare IT initiatives. We follow through with advice on how to iterate and improve programs for the future.

Implementation and Support

Government owned and operated healthcare entities experience the same issues that all providers face. With our consultants by your side, you will be equipped with the managerial and technical IT savviness needed to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness with IT initiatives.

We provide our IT implementation and support expertise to entities ranging from State Universities to Community Mental Health organizations to city and county facilities.


Our All Payer Claims Database services include:

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Collection of payer data
  • Validation of data
  • Ongoing operations and support

We offer turnkey APCD to municipalities and states in need of secure, standards-based solutions.

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

We have a proven track record of successfully utilizing state HIE to connect disparate areas of the healthcare spectrum. Our experts know the ins and outs of the HIE and system integration tools on the marketplace today, and we combine that knowledge with a firm understanding of the priorities and needs of providers.

Essential Healthcare IT Expertise

Our healthcare IT expertise is a difference maker for agencies and organizations at all levels of government. Contact us today for assessment, implementation, support and more!