Our Credentials

Quammen Health Care Consultants is a cohesive team of professionals who provide full service healthcare consulting, specializing in business planning and development, strategic planning, large-scale software and hardware implementation, software acquisition, outsourcing and organizational development.

As a component of serving clients well, the Quammen Health Care Consultants stays current with all clinical products, making our principals ideal choices for membership on your internal selection and development committees. We also take a proactive approach to working with industry associations, regulatory bodies and healthcare software vendors. Our comprehensive awareness of industry guidelines, such as JCAHO and HIPAA, adds further value to your organization. Quammen consultants frequently serve as healthcare industry speakers, IS expert witnesses, active contributors to industry publications, and product awards judges. Our understanding of industry nuances lets us match clients with consultants who have the right combination of industry, clinical, technical and application knowledge.

Quammen Health Care Consultants has a reputation for identifying, understanding and meeting client expectations while juggling multiple priorities. For years we have been known for quality application of healthcare IT consulting to meet business requirements for software products serving all healthcare provider areas. With a consistent record of quality business solutions and superior customer service, we have solidified enduring industry vendor alliances.

Clinical Informatics Team
The capabilities of our clinical informatics team help Quammen Health Care Consultants stand apart from other consultants. These healthcare professionals have a relevant combination of clinical training, technical expertise and career experience. They provide valuable insights gathered from a broad, multi-vendor perspective, various healthcare provider roles and leadership positions. And we put all this clinical, technical and industry knowledge to work—for your competitive advantage.

The goal of clinical informatics is to improve the health of populations, communities and individuals by optimizing information management and communication. Quammen’s team addresses this goal by helping health systems create information structures that provide timely patient documentation where it’s needed, workflow efficiencies, and secure data to support administrative, financial and clinical decision-making. Constantly challenging the status quo, our team strives to find better, faster ways to manage and communicate data, information and knowledge in all care delivery settings.

Our Clinical Informatics Team resources include: registered nurses and other mid-level practitioners highly skilled in understanding clinical requirements to deliver automated solutions; clinicians expert in departmental disciplines and processes; clinical education specialists proficient in providing instruction to experienced clinicians. They are all well versed in clinical information systems and knowledgeable about workflow in inpatient and outpatient settings.