Code of Ethics

Our strong foundation based on important ethical principles is imperative to the success of Quammen Health Care Consultants and its clients. We employ only those people willing to meet certain standards in the conduct of business with clients, face-to-face with competitors and while working with colleagues:


  • Advertise our services honestly and represent the firm—and the profession—truthfully.
  • Compete honestly and fairly for all new business opportunities, without promises or claims that may mislead current or prospective clients.
  • Maintain thorough and accurate records and prohibit inflation of reported hours, misrepresentation of duties performed and other deceptive billing practices.


  • Uphold the confidentiality of proprietary data and information concerning clients’ business, technologies, processes, and practices—before, during, and after the engagement.
  • Keep all proprietary company documents and information protected and secure at all times.


  • Accept only those engagements for which we are fully qualified and competent.
  • Provide only services that are appropriate for each client’s specific objectives and requirements.
  • Assign only appropriately experienced, knowledgeable, and expert staff to all projects.
  • Ensure that our offer or acceptance of meals, gifts or entertainment is proper and reasonable.


  • Perform with the greatest possible degrees of diligence, attention-to-detail and prudence.
  • Base employee incentives on client service, not billable hours.
  • Agree in advance on fee and expense structures and charge amounts that are reasonable, legitimate and appropriate to the services we actually deliver.
  • Acknowledge any potential conflicts of interest and offer to withdraw from engagements when our objectivity may be impaired.


  • Respect our clients by adhering to their policies when performing duties at client locations.
  • Act at all times with utmost concern for personal respect, professional courtesy and responsible resource use.