Health Information Exchange Integration Planning

With proper implementation and management, a Health Information Exchange (HIE) has the power to provide valuable integration to emerging health care models. At Quammen Health Care Consultants, we provide HIE planning services that achieve project goals for providers and HIEs alike.

Many factors shape the development of an effective HIE strategy:

  • Private HIE or public HIE?
  • Level of information security
  • Regulations and laws affecting patient confidentiality
  • Quality of data
  • Reliability
  • Meet Budget and cost constraints

Our team has a proven track record of establishing sustainable HIE participation. We identify the readiness of communities, develop HIE plans, and create custom long-term funding models to ensure success for both providers and HIEs.

Quammen Health Care Consultants HIE planning services for providers include:

  • Functionality needs assessment for all participating providers
  • Development of HIE, including:
  • Outreach strategy
  • Governance strategy
  • Budget development
  • Confidentiality and information security
  • EHR integration

We also provide services to HIEs:

  • Assistance in transitioning to a self-sustainable, long-term business model
  • Guidance on addressing the evolution of data exchange requirements involving:
  • Use of predictive analytics
  • Data quality improvement
  • Engagement with patients
  • Population health
  • Support during selection of technology and systems
  • Assistance on mission, governance, participation policies

For providers and HIEs, Quammen Health Care Consultants provides the HIE planning expertise necessary to achieve operational and strategic goals.

Contact us today to ensure your organization will benefit from the evolution of information exchange.