Security & Privacy

Healthcare data security breaches are frequently making headlines these days. You need to take measures to ensure that yours is not the next healthcare organization to suffer a breach.

Quammen Health Care Consultants offers cutting-edge HIPAA security and privacy services that will protect your valuable data from all types of potential threats.

Whether through accidental disclosures or outright theft, healthcare data is highly vulnerable in today’s world. Without a strong program of risk management and data control, you are walking down a dangerous road.

Quammen Health Care Consultants security experts are ready to provide the assistance necessary to tighten policies, set controls, and develop sustainable practices. With our help, your organization will be able to maintain its reputation, strengthen its risk posture, and achieve peace of mind.

In a landscape of Meaningful Use security risk assessments and HIPAA/HITECH audits by the OCR, implementing a solid security program is not a choice it is a necessity.

To ensure your organization’s data is secure, we offer a comprehensive set of HIPAA security and privacy services:

  • Assessment and remediation of risks in compliance with HIPAA/HITECH/OCR
  • Test HIPAA/HITECH audits, covering controls, procedures, and policies
  • Assessments focused on risk compliance with Meaningful Use
  • Development of security controls, policies, practices, procedures
  • Breach response planning, and post-incident review planning
  • Information security governance and framework implementation
  • Assessments of technical architecture

Our team is here to help your organization handle a diverse list of data control and risk management priorities.

To begin assessing and responding to your most critical threats, contact a Quammen Health Care Consultants security expert today.