Implementation Experts

Maximizing the Performance of Your Healthcare Information Technology Systems

The Quammen Health Care Consultants team goes above and beyond to support your organization’s delivery of care, beginning with a structural engineering plan that’s developed to improve operational and clinical efficiency.

We will:

  • Mitigate patient risk by keeping detailed, cross-indexable records
  • Augment return on investment in terms of both man hours and financials
  • Develop hard metrics for goal-setting, accountability, and truly measurable success

Our unique approach to maximizing your system’s efficiency starts from the ground up, building backwards from success. However, as with any complex endeavor, there are challenges. Some of the factors we’ll take into account from the beginning include:

  • Staff training methods and curriculum
  • Legacy systems support
  • Organizational goals in terms of productivity and processes
  • Hard measurables for success
  • Ease of use, systems interface and efficiency in help desk support

The top-notch Quammen implementation team offers holistic wraparound support. Thanks to our multidisciplinary staff, we can provide a wide array of options for start-to-finish project management, practical tools for workflow optimization, automatic analysis of user-generated success metrics, patient risk analysis and mitigation, and ongoing access to supportive team members. Let our dedicated cadre of health care professionals partner with you every step of the way to ensure a successful go-live.

Our implementation package includes:

  • Securing top-level sponsorship from the very beginning of the implementation
  • Creating communication materials and a top-to-bottom plan that pushes consistent system improvements, raises staff productivity, and mitigates the stress that can come with a large-scale project
  • Handpicking an oversight team that will partner to:
    • Efficiently dispatch problems as they arise
    • Roll out plan changes and keep workflow on track
    • Enforce deadlines and budgetary constraints
    • Take a broad look at the project’s needs, directing resources where they’re needed most
    • Establishing and measuring hard key performance indicators to measure success
    • Setting up the best deployment strategy for your organization’s unique needs

    If you demand maximum value out of your HIT system, you need to choose implementation services from Quammen Health Care Consultants. Contact us today to transform financial, operational and clinical systems in your organization!