Improving Clinical Documentation

Accurately capturing all clinical documentation can have a significant impact on every aspect of your operations. At Quammen Health Care Consultants, we develop better documentation practices to help healthcare organizations identify compliance risks and organize data that provides insights into care management.

Are you losing money from inaccurate reimbursal claims? Are your operations bogged down by follow-ups to claims? We have found that the right documentation practices can lead to a dramatic improvement in time and money lost trying to get payment for services provided.

Our comprehensive clinical documentation improvement (CDI) services are designed to increase the quality of your records in order to reduce lost revenue. We use a data-driven methodology that puts a great deal of emphasis on the development of clear performance metrics that closely monitor program success.

CDI Process

The process of improving clinical documentation begins with assessment. During this preliminary phase, we interview key personnel and work closely with the entire staff to explain benefits, set expectations, and exhibit program strategies.

Next, we move on to the design and implementation phase, including:

Physician and Provider Training — specific training programs that facilitate the process of organizational staff learning the documentation needs of each patient encounter.

Development of Governance — establishment and enforcement of appropriate workflows and accountability. We will create a process for ongoing review and action plan contingencies when corrective measures are needed.

Data Review — continuous review of collected data. We will offer data-driven recommendations for improvement.

Change the Way You Operate With CDI

CDI services from Quammen Health Care Consultants will positively impact every area of your organization. For help designing, implementing, and improving through CDI, contact us today at (407) 539-2015.