Sample Projects

Quammen Health Care Consultants has helped healthcare organizations with a variety of needs—and information technologies. Not only do our professionals participate in selection and planning, but we also deliver practical, hands-on implementation assistance and support to numerous healthcare organizations. This list offers a sampling of some of our specific capabilities.

Hospitals & Health Systems—Strategic

  • Created a corporate-level strategic information systems plan for a multi-hospital health system:
    • Inventoried current software, hardware, operating system and infrastructure assets
    • Analyzed budget and staffing usage, demands, and requirements
    • Produced long-range, tactical information systems plan
  • Prepared a comprehensive industry overview representing all major healthcare IT vendors for use in a new facility construction plan.
  • Led a hospital board’s review of healthcare IT vendors for complete technology strategy.
  • Conducted enterprise scheduling assessment and implemented recommended projects.
  • Lead more than 40 Hospitals to Meaningful Use compliance
  • Provide Strategic Leadership related to project development and rollout

Hospitals & Health Systems—Clinical

  • Guided strategic planning for clinical automation of multiple areas in healthcare system.
  • Directed contract evaluation, negotiation and project planning for acquisition of the market-leading point-of-care nursing application.
  • Installed top-tier hospital information system for a seven-hospital integrated delivery network
  • Conducted comprehensive workflow assessments to improve departmental efficiency.
  • Implemented electronic medical record (EMR) solution.
  • For a seven-hospital health system, implemented order entry, clinical results, patient management (PM), and enterprise access directory (EAD).
  • Quickly implemented order entry, clinical results, PM, and EAD for a newly acquired hospital.
  • Conducted contract negotiations and project management for a clinical decision support solution.
  • Led testing for OR scheduling integration project.
  • Compared and contrasted various clinical solution vendors for highly complex, Multi-entity Corporation.
  • Lead Implementation of MU software products in more than 40 hospitals across the US.

Hospitals & Health Systems—Financial

  • Led enterprise resource planning (ERP) project for a multi-hospital corporation.
  • Evaluated the top labor management and workforce productivity solutions.
  • Led Implementation of General Financials and integration to vendor accounting and budgeting software.
  • Gathered requirements, built, implemented and ongoing support Enterprise Scheduling including integration to surgical OR products.
  • Led Registration and billing of financial software for total Revenue cycle solution
  • Integration to self-pay collections and bad debt support of financial software including inbound payments from agency software.
  • Building, Support and testing of payer contracts for billing and accurate expected reimbursement calculations.
  • Reconciliation and tracking of financial status of organization with daily stats.

Hospitals & Health Systems—Technical

  • Provided full outsourcing of data center and technical operations for a large, urban health care system.
  • Evaluated existing HIS solution to establish a baseline for product replacement or upgrade.
  • Performed comprehensive review of mobile computing solution options for clinical software implementation.
  • Augment or support technical staff when expertise does not exist for integration.
  • Complete analysis of security with recommendations of changes or implementation of changes.


  • Demonstrated remote physician system access to orders and results.
  • Conducted selection process for information system on which to base a medication administration record (MAR).
  • Evaluated and demonstrated mobile computing options.
  • Built unlimited number of order sets for multiple hospitals across the country per design specs and implemented for CPOE
  • Implemented and trained hundreds of physician on electronic Order entry and signoff
  • Lead and implemented ED Physician documentation and tracking in xx hospitals in US
  • Built, trained and led Implementation of Ambulatory software for use by 15 plus physician’s office practices creating a complete patient chart integrated with the Enterprise EMR.

Cardiology Systems

  • Outsourced product evaluation, selection and contract negotiation.

Radiology Systems

  • Conducted selection process for radiology information system to integrate with existing picture archiving and communications system.

Other Engagements

  • Participated in HIPAA technology sub-committee.
  • Led evaluation of large-scale IT outsourcing project.

IT Infrastructure

  • Provided full outsourcing of data center and technical operations for a large, urban health care system.
  • Developed a formal software acquisition model and policy.
  • Created an integration engine technology strategy.
  • Participated in data center consolidation plan development.
  • Evaluated system processing load for new clinical automation project.

Suppliers and Vendors

  • Reviewed home healthcare application development project.
  • Reviewed desktop management product.
  • Modeled cost for application service provider (ASP) hosting of home healthcare application.
  • Participated in comprehensive review of 64 new and existing products.