Interim Management for Transitional Challenges

Health systems and hospitals are complex entities that need clear direction from the top. When executives leave their post, leadership vacuums threaten to create disruptions at every level of day-to-day operations. Quammen Health Care Consultants offers interim management services to ensure that your organization will smoothly transition from one regime to the next.

The way we see it, the departure of executive staff can be as much of an opportunity for improvement as it is a challenge. We will use this transitional period to do more than just maintain status quo, but to also refresh and enhance organizational capabilities and skills.

Whether you need cover for a short-term vacancy or support for a long-term transition, we can respond to your management needs with proven executives who are capable of providing continuity and stability. We can replace or backfill directors, C-level executives, project leaders, or any type of management role. Our qualified candidates have the experience to get results in demand positions under difficult circumstances.

We provide:

  • Assessments of knowledge gaps and other potential disruptions
  • Development of gap-closing strategies
  • Management and directorial expertise capable of leading and uniting complex organizations
  • Support and training for transitional phases

Quammen Health Care Consultants provides healthcare organizations with relief during challenging transitions. If you are ready to create positive change in your organization, request an interim management consultation today by calling (407) 539-2015.