Benefit from mHealth Technology

With proper implementation, mobile health (also known as mHealth) solutions can optimize workflows, allow staff to access patient info in real time, improve coordination of care, increase patient-staff engagement, and lower operation costs. Without expert guidance in the planning and execution of mHealth solutions, healthcare organizations run the risk of falling short on efficiency, safety, and information security goals.

If you want to change patient outcomes for the better, your organization would be wise to start by filling in the gaps in communication within care providing teams and between care providers and patients. Any gaps in care begin with gaps in communication. Mobile tools will allow you to create bridges that unify providers, improve overall management of population health, and enhance engagement with patients.

At Quammen Health Care Consultants, we work with physician practices, health systems, and hospitals to implement mobile health strategies. With the help of our expert team, your organization will be able to reap maximum rewards from mobile technology initiatives.

 The mobile health plan development process:

– Incorporate your unique goals for savings, reimbursements, and investment requirements

– Evaluate your caregiver needs and care settings

– Educate your organization on how mobile technology streamlines care coordination

– Create enforceable security policies that protect sensitive data and communications

– Implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy that complies with HIPAA/HITECH

 To improve in-patient care, we can:

– Identify needs, technology resources, and workflow challenges

– Make it easier to collaborate with home health organizations, physician practices, post-acute facilities, and other providers

 To boost patient engagement, we can:

– Integrate remote devices

– Create a patient portal

– Protect patient communication and data

– Achieve all necessary compliance

We are ready to integrate mHealth technology solutions with care coordination systems, EHR, HIEs, medical devices, and population health databases. To learn how you can connect your healthcare organization through mobile technology, call Quammen Health Care Consultants today at (407) 539-2015.