Drive Engagement with Your Patient Portal

Patient engagement is a critical part of effective population health management for Accountable Care Organizations. Successful healthcare organizations get more out of a patient portal than simple compliance with Meaningful Use. With the right guidance, this program can reduce your costs, improve patient satisfaction, and increase referrals.

Quammen Health Care Consultants professionals are ready to help you develop a portal strategy that provides clear value to your patients and your staff. Our methods are guided by an understanding that successful portals cannot simply be bought and installed with a hands-off approach. We will dig into the planning and designing phase to ensure your organizational and patient needs are met, and then we will promote your new portal in the most effective way possible.

Our process includes:

  • Assessment of readiness
  • Integration of mobile medical devices, Electronic Health Records, HIE, and Personal Health Records
  • Security of electronic communications
  • Management of confidentiality and privacy
  • Achievement of Meaningful Use stage 1 and 2 and prepare for stage 3
  • Usability tests

We can help you use a patient portal to drive new levels of engagement in your healthcare organization. If you are ready to improve your bottom line through more efficient care, happier patients, and more referrals, contact Quammen Health Care Consultants today at (407) 539-2015.