How We Work

Capitalizing on what we have learned from our years of industry engagements, Quammen Health Care Consultants has developed two valuable processing models: our R4™ Framework Methodology and Critical Clinical Core Approach that now serve to guide all our client work. The first prototype model drives progress of our engagements, while the second designs the specific cross-departmental implementation.

R4™ Framework Methodology

R4 Framework

Paraphrasing a basic premise, “You accomplish what you measure,” our R4 Framework methodology serves as the project management blueprint for our engagements. It helps us ensure that your results are what you expect—with no surprises.

R4™ Framework systematically establishes automated processes and checkpoints that we map our work to, so your solution stays on track. We ensure your initiative:

  • Targets your goals
  • Measures progress toward objectives
  • Addresses future care improvements
  • Aligns processes across the organization

This proven methodology identifies your key clinical and business drivers, and then develops Best Practice prototype metric models to guide future care improvements and your implementation process.

Critical Clinical Core Approach

Critical Clinical Core Approach

A top concern for every healthcare provider is patient safety. Addressing this issue at its electronic epicenter, Quammen developed a highly viable approach to designing clinical information system solutions that implement safe and effective closed-loop processes for patient care. Solutions created applying our Critical Clinical Core Approach provide a measure of patient safety that results in having continuity, availability and integrity of clinical data at the point of care across the continuum.

This unique information workflow foundation approaches patient data from a Critical Core perspective, combining enabling technologies and application functionality with interoperability of clinical process. This enables organizations to both meet the unique business requirements of individual departments as well as protect integrity of key data accessible by other departments.

Quammen Health Care Consultants’s Critical Core approach is based on:

  • One system of record for order entry
  • Avoidance of duplicate and redundant patient care data collection
  • Data collection in systems capable of full interoperability
  • Patient movement through the healthcare continuum
  • Collecting the right patient data in the most effective system

From the point of initial identification of a patient, regardless of setting, dozens of departments, systems and processes must come together collaboratively and cohesively to support the care continuum. Today the need for information system solutions has moved beyond traditional areas of orders, laboratory and radiology into virtually every specialty clinical department or function. The parameters of patient safety have moved beyond mere electronic integration that can create dangerous “system-to-system” and “system-to-paper” handoffs to the need for interoperability that supports critical clinical functions. Quammen can help you make this a reality.