Our Resources

Quammen consultants are certified, experienced and conscientious people. They understand the basics and nuances of healthcare workflow, business and regulatory requirements and information technology. And they know how all these factors should work together to streamline your operations and drive revenue. With your skill and our experience, we can solve problems.

Here we highlight some of our consultants’ qualifications for work on Siemens, Cerner, Epic and Eclipsys systems. In addition, Quammen can provide quality, experienced staff for all major third-party software vendors as well as many of the boutique vendors offering point solutions. The following resources are available at exceptional rates for the skills and experience they can bring to your project. We offer a tiered rate structure for on-site, remote, retainer and long-term projects to allow the most flexibility. If you do not see exactly what you need, please contact us for more detailed information.

Cerner Previously Siemens Resources

Siemens Soarian Enterprise Scheduling Analyst/Implementation Specialist

Support client staff to gather requirements, build activities, resources and create calendars and schedules for smooth patient and office staff prep and workflow.  Set up, train and support scheduling, distribution of model report and customization of new reports as needed.  Ongoing support and enhancements of future build initiatives.

Siemens Soarian Registration Analyst/Implementation Specialist

Planning, design, implement and support Registration, precertification and authorizations for support of patient workflow.  Electronic signature supported on registration documents and delivery in patient record for billing reference and support.   Load Service Catalogue and build master files supporting Soarian Financials.

Siemens Soarian Senior Receivables Analyst/Implementation Specialist

Created roles for access to billing and collection software.  Created custom and model work-lists for follow up and communication between departments.  Supported receipt of electronic remits and manual cash posting including automation of inbound payments from SBO agencies including Contract management build and reconciliation.   Set up and support documents printing via Output Management Services (OMS).

Siemens Soarian Senior Project Management/Project Director

Managed multiple products to optimize resources for build and deployment of fully integrated products supporting Soarian Financials, Clinicals and other vendor products.  Meet time schedules to ensure Go Live dates were kept on schedule to meet meaningful use deadlines.

Siemens Soarian Senior Clinical Analyst/Implementation Specialist

Planning, design, implement clinical Care Plans based on services offered.  Design documentation forms used by clinical and ancillary staff for efficient patient care records.

Siemens Soarian Senior Pharmacy Analyst/Implementation Specialist

Consult with client staff to define security roles for Pharmacy staff, build Medication Administration Records and CPOE based on your medication inventory.  Work closely with your physician and pharmacy staff to design, build and test medication sentences used in Physician Order Sets.  Able to trouble shoot issues and make recommendation for alternate methods for problem solving.  Provide Workflow analysis, process redesign or reengineering of solutions as identified.

Siemens Soarian Physician Executives/Implementation and Support

Our Physician and Senior level consultants work with organization physician and clinical leaders to define business requirements using their extensive experience in the medical field.  Our number of successful installations of Hospital and Clinical products across many of health care vendors can be leveraged to design and build highly successful products.   In addition to designing and developing physician tools, training, implementation and rollout of solutions, post-support and future development to support change in the industry can be accomplished with our team.

Siemens Invision Senior Clinical Project Managers
Managed variety of multi-entity healthcare information technology implementations, with emphasis on planning and designing clinical workflow to achieve maximum efficiencies. They are highly successful in reaching organizational consensus by pulling together disparate resources to achieve mutual objectives.

Siemens Invision Senior Clinical Analyst/Implementation Specialists
Expert Invision Clinical, OC, PM, EAD, LCR and Net Access knowledge and experienced with advanced OAS/OAS Gold model and customized build skill. Have extensive practical experience in a variety of large and small clinical settings to help you accomplish your clinical priorities. Respiratory clinicians with hospital-based experience in clinical areas and IT.

Siemens Invision Clinical Analyst/Implementation Specialists
Comprehensive Invision Clinical, OC, PM, EAD, LCR and Net Access knowledge and experience with advanced OAS/OAS Gold model and customized build skill. Have extensive practical experience in a variety of large and small clinical settings to help you accomplish your clinical automation priorities. Hospital-based project and IT experience.

Siemens Invision Senior Programmer/Analysts and Integration Specialists
Expert in Net Access set-up and definition. Comprehensive Invision Clinical, OC, EAD, LCR and PM knowledge and experience with OAS/OAS Gold model and customized build skill. Strong integration skill with experience in all aspects of Siemens integration including the engine and point-to-point interfaces. Blend application knowledge with strong technical skill. Vendor and hospital-based project and IT experience.

Siemens Invision Senior Clinical Analyst/Medication Management Specialists
Experts in Invision Med/IV Charting and creation of online integrated MAR with Siemens Pharmacy and foreign Pharmacy systems. Expert Invision Clinical, OC, PM, EAD, LCR and Net Access knowledge and experience with advanced OAS/OAS Gold model and customized build skills. Have extensive practical experience in variety of large and small clinical settings. Respiratory Therapists with hospital-based experience in clinical areas and IT.

Siemens Invision Senior Clinical Analyst/Implementation Specialists
Expert Invision Clinical, OC, PM and Net Access knowledge and experience with advanced OAS Gold model and customized build skills. Have extensive practical experience in a variety of large and small clinical settings to help you accomplish your clinical automation priorities. Critical Care nurses with extensive hospital-based project and IT experience.

Siemens Invision Senior Analyst/Implementation Specialists/Project Managers
Experienced healthcare professionals with bachelor’s degrees in Healthcare Administration and some with an MBA. Strong Invision EAD, Signature/EAD integration with strong OAS build skills. Good working knowledge of interface engines and HL7. Strong project management skills and experience.

Siemens INVISION® & Soarian Implementation Senior Consultants
More than 12-14 years experience as healthcare IT implementation professionals. Technical and program skills at the application design level, and certified for OAS Gold, NetAccess and OAS, with experience in PCL coding and print routing. Proficient in CVE, Rules Engine, Soarian Rules Engine, and other complementary Siemens products.

Cerner Resources

Cerner Millennium PharmNet Implementation Consultants
Healthcare technologists certified in the PharmNet product. Excellent PharmNet technical skills and extensive experience in pharmacy workflow and implementations. Exceptional pharmacy automation consulting skills.

Cerner Millennium CPOE, Meds Integration, CareNet & PowerChart Senior Consultants
More than 10-12 years healthcare experience, directly involved in clinical suite implementations. Have outstanding knowledge and skills for designing, building and integrating all facets of the Millennium solution. Demonstrate strong ability to form successful consulting relationships, working well with both clinical and IT staff.

Cerner Millennium Clinical Implementation Consultants
Clinicians and experienced healthcare IT consultants with experience and deep understanding of workflow processes and extensive Millennium application and architecture knowledge to include but not limited to FirstNet, SurgiNet, PathNet, INet, CareNet, and PowerChart.

Cerner Millennium CCL and Foreign System Interface Consultants
Application, technology, methodology, and integration professionals, using extensive healthcare information systems development, deployment and consulting experience. Accomplished in project management, scope and process analysis, methodology development, custom programming, interface implementations and product development. Product certification and in-depth knowledge of Discern Export, Discern Explorer, CCL, and Foreign System Interfaces.

Cerner Millennium Project Architect, Project Leader and Product-Specific Project Managers
Experienced healthcare IT professionals with wide-ranging responsibilities for Cerner implementations that include multi-phased and multi-faceted clinical and financial product suites. Our Architects and Managers have led large and small implementations with polished consulting skills that succeed at all management levels. In addition to their leadership skills, these resources are directly experienced and usually certified in many of the Cerner products.

Epic Resources

Epic Clinical Informaticists
Our Clinical Informaticists have led successful implementations in hospital inpatient and outpatient settings in large and regional health systems. Extensive knowledge of workflow for inpatient orders, clinical documentation, pharmacy, emergency departments, hospital billing, ADT, registration, scheduling and more. Ten to 15 years experience implementing healthcare solutions that advance clinical objectives. Certifications in Inpatient Orders, ClinDoc, Prelude, Cadence and Clarity.

Epic Analyst, Build & Project Managers
Certified professionals with 12 years experience in Epic application delivery, IT consulting and clinical and business processes. Technology solutions and best practices that lead clients to clinical transformation and financial improvement. Advanced knowledge of Inpatient, Orders and Clinical Documentation, Epic Care Ambulatory. Skills in build, support and project management.

Epic ClinDoc Analysts
Epic ClinDoc Analysts with 8 years experience in implementing and supporting Epic Clinical Documentation Inpatient application and have extensive familiarity with all other Epic clinical applications in a wide variety of hospital settings. Skilled at analyzing clinical requirements; configuring interfaces; determining system specifications and record layouts; and developing information processing procedures. Hospital-based project and IT experience.

Epic Inpatient IS Analysts
Analysts with superior skills in analysis, design, development and maintenance of Inpatient Orders application and other Epic clinical information systems. Industry veterans in problem analysis, systems and programming requirements, procedures and training requirements. Familiar with inpatient and outpatient workflows and clinical procedures. Highly refined planning and proven project management methodologies. Variety of inpatient and outpatient backgrounds.

Epic Interface Programmer/Analysts
Healthcare IT interface professionals specializing in design and implementation of interfaces for Epic inpatient and outpatient systems. Experienced in interface design and conversion from client legacy systems to Epic’s suite of products. Epic Clarity, Epic Chronicles, Epic Bridges, Epic Interface Administrator, HL7 interfaces. Proven methodologies.

Eclipsys Resources

Eclipsys Project Managers and Implementation Specialists
Several consultants represented above are also vendor-certified in Eclipsys suite of products and have participated in multiple clinical implementations.