Free Up Cash Flow Through Revenue Cycle Optimizations

Due to increasing financial burdens and more stringent compliance, healthcare organizations face consistent and demanding challenges in today’s marketplace. Thin margins, declining rates of reimbursement, and the rising levels of bad debt add up quickly to place significant pressure on your revenue cycle.

At the same time, healthcare institutions must continue to invest in necessary upgrades, transitions, technologies, and staff in order to stay competitive. In this pressurized environment, it becomes absolutely necessary to maximize your revenue resources.

With the proper optimizations in place, your organization will be able to:

  • Sustain more efficient revenue engines
  • Earn more flexibility in cash flow
  • Reduce the number of claim denials
  • Decrease the number of A/R days
  • Our Revenue Cycle Services

    Quammen Health Care Consultants utilizes a revenue optimization process that has been tested and proven in the real world. When you need a trusted, experienced adviser to identify gaps in your processes, you can rely on our team to accurately assess your unique situation and offer sustainable solutions.

    We offer the following services related to revenue cycle optimization:

  • Manager and department representative interviews to fully assess organizational workflow
  • A revenue cycle analysis — from prior-approval all the way to claims adjudication
  • An assessment of your organization’s readiness to transition to new payment models
  • Evaluations of data flows and IT systems
  • Development of an optimized plan of operation that satisfies regulatory compliance and maximizes your resources
  • Are you ready to do more with the resources you already have? Contact Quammen Health Care Consultants today to learn more about what our revenue cycle optimization services can do for your organization.