Medication Management

Quammen offers consulting and staff augmentation services to evolve your health system’s medication management initiatives. We are ready to build effective partnerships between information systems, clinicians, physicians, and your patients.

  • Physician – Medication Ordering – CPOE
  • Pharmacy – Medication Management
  • Nursing – Medication Administration
  • Ancillary – Diagnostic Collaboration

We develop smooth transitions between the health care team, the patient, and the patient’s medical neighborhood, making it possible for health systems to achieve key initiatives in antibiotic stewardship, patient safety, infectious disease management, and patient portal adoption.

Medication Management Initiatives

Our Pharmacy and Clinical Consultants help you improve patient outcomes, reach clinical and financial goals, achieve compliance, and remain competitive in an evolving health care landscape. You can trust our team to help you achieve the initiatives that matter most too today’s competitive health systems:

Antibiotic Stewardship

  • Earn leadership buy-in
  • Establish systemic evaluation of treatment
  • Record and report antibiotic diagnosis and usage
  • Track symptoms of hospital acquired infections
  • Maintain adherence to documentation policy and facility-specific treatment recommendations

Patient Safety

  • Physician order entry with alerts
  • Standardized formulary with alerts
  • Evidence based order sets
  • Track and report on adverse drug events
  • Facilitate effective care team communication

Infectious Disease Prevention

  • Raise immunization coverage levels
  • Reduce missed opportunities to vaccinate
  • Send care team alerts
  • Improve standards of practice with immunization protocols and reporting

Patient Portal

  • Provide patients with on demand access to their personal health information
  • Achieve compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Improve patient compliance with prescribed drug therapy
  • Facilitate communication with care team