Get to Know Rhonda Bartlett:

  • 20 years in clinical leadership and management
  • Analytics and informatics expert
  • Registered Nurse with deep understanding of clinical settings
  • Skilled communicator and public speaker

Rhonda is an experienced executive leader with over 29 years of healthcare experience, including 20 years in management and clinical leadership positions.

In 2014, she founded a lean start-up organization focused on using the new generation of analytics and software tools to help bring agility, adaptability, and better alignment of services with best practices to the front lines of patient care.

Her start-up formed a strategic partnership with Quammen Health Care Consultants, which blossomed into Rhonda’s role as VP Chief Clinical Officer. As an expert in healthcare process and technology engineering, she has provided the Quammen team with an innate ability to bridge gaps between IS technology and healthcare business and clinical needs.

By combining her skills in analytics and informatics with a registered nurse’s understanding of user requirements in the clinical arena, Rhonda is able to deliver complex, care-driven solutions that improve patient safety, regulatory compliance, and cost performance.

Rhonda is also a skilled speaker who has presented for numerous organizations, including the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), Towards an Electronic Patient Record (TEPR), and the Rutgers Annual International Nursing and Technology Conference.

Recent Career Highlights:

  • Oversees strategic operations and development initiatives at Quammen Health Care Consultants
  • Founded a Lean Start-Up organization focused on bringing agility, adaptability, and full alignment of services and best practices to the front lines of patient care
  • Developed innovative, cloud based, technology solutions that assist healthcare organizations in managing current and emerging patient care challenges related to patient safety, regulatory compliance, complex patients, chronic care management and value based purchasing
  • Created a rapid cycle process improvement (RCPI) analytics engine to be utilized in care settings to ensure patient safety, compliance, and workflow processes are performance optimized in real time
  • As Vice President, Zone Services, for Siemens Medical Solutions, directed all company services within the Southeast Zone.