Protecting Health Data in a Troubling Time

Healthcare Organizations Need to Run not just step up to the Data Protection Plate

According to a 2015 report in the Journal of the American Medical Association, in a recent three year span there were approximately 1,000 large data breaches involving healthcare organizations. In these incidents alone, more than 29 million individual health records were exposed.

Despite the rapid rise in the number and severity of data breaches, many organizations are still failing to implement essential programs for security and data protection. In fact, far too many health systems have yet to even taken the first step of encrypting patient information.

Quammen Health Care Consultants Security and Integrity Data services provide the manpower, technology, and knowledge needed to recover from past breaches and to prevent future exposures from occurring.

We assist various types of health organizations in different phases of vulnerability, including:

  •  Large or small healthcare providers that lack the resources to ensure requirements are met
  • Organizations that have a data protection program in place, but no clear plan to test and review to determine effectiveness
  • Organizations that don’t know how to minimize damage and retain consumer trust after a breach has occurred

Protecting patient data is now an important part of a healthcare leader’s job. Quammen Health Care Consultants are here to help you be a better leader in your organization across a broad spectrum of elements related to security and data.

Security Management/Risk Assessment

  • Current state operations review
  • HIPAA compliance review
  • Best practices
  • BAA and HITECH health check
  • IT process and audit

Penetration Testing/Systems Review

  • External testing and reporting
  • Internal testing and reporting
  • ePHI inventory and analysis
  • Systems discovery and inventory
  • Network and system enumeration

Architecture and Design

  • Local network review
  • Wide area network review
  • Upgrade planning and management
  • Vendor selection and review
  • Management and implementation

Software/Application Security

  • Application inventory and licensing
  • Interoperability and planning
  • Vendor selection and review
  • Management and implementation
  • Application hardening and analysis

Data breaches are an ever growing threat to health systems, but together with Quammen Health Care Consultants you can lead your organization to a better, more secure future.

Contact us today to learn more about what we offer as a security assessment, planning, and implementation consulting partner!