Staff Augmentation

As long-time professionals in the field, Quammen Health Care Consultants understands the ebbs and flows that come with long-term projects and day-to-day operations. Increased workloads, changes in the working environment, staff turnover, strategy refinements and more can all have a major impact on your organization’s productivity. That’s why we’re proud to offer staff augmentation services, providing exactly the boost in manpower that your team needs to get the job done without the potential overstaffing that comes from hiring additional full-time personnel.

Our customizable services mean that your business’s needs are met exactly where they need to be — no more, no less.

Whether you need someone to provide leadership for a specific project or to oversee a shift in protocol, our seasoned consultants are here to help as a team or on an individual basis.

We offer a wide array of interim personnel services, such as:

  • Leadership consulting: whether it’s an accounting manager, an interim Chief Financial Officer or another interim management position, our staff can bridge the gaps in your leadership team.
  • Project consulting: if your project is already underway, our professional staff is here to help set goals and metrics, create process measures and execute the tasks to provide maximum ROI.
  • Support personnel: we provide 24/7 help desk, infrastructure, IT and reporting support staff to meet the diverse needs of healthcare organizations.

If your organization is looking for staff augmentation solutions to meet goals in the short or long term, contact Quammen Health Care Consultants today. We are ready to partner with your organization to overcome any obstacles in your way.