System Optimization

Maximizing Workflow Performance and Productivity with HIT

Refining the functionality of your new HIT system after initial launch or new upgrades is crucial to achieving better workflow productivity and, ultimately, improved patient care. Quammen Health Care Consultants is here to make sure that your staff is getting everything it can from your organization’s investment.

Many organizations in the health care field have made or are making significant investments in the implementation of electronic health record (EHR) systems and other healthcare IT structures. However, implementation is just the first step. We are here to provide wraparound assistance so that your organization is fully supported throughout its transition.

System Optimization

The Quammen team will proactively work with your organization’s leadership and staff to analyze and prioritize needs. We’ll then use this analysis to make personalized recommendations using a unique combination of evidence-supported best practices and cutting-edge intelligence to ensure success in optimizing your new system.

  • Some benefits of our top-to-bottom analysis and recommendations include:
  • An enhanced understanding of the current state of systems integration
  • A start-to-finish game plan to increase operational efficiency
  • Hard goals for success, leading to an understanding of the benefits your staff will receive

Our seasoned professionals will assist you in implementing these recommendations and adjusting your goals and metrics by:

  • Seamlessly synchronizing your human resources and your technology
  • Providing high-quality, data-rich reports to improve performance outcomes
  • Actualizing the benefits that come with the provided recommendations
  • Increasing patient care and satisfaction through better record management
  • Promoting adoption by physicians as a crucial KPI of success

Our experienced team has an extensive background in optimizing system performance from all major healthcare information technology vendors, including Allscripts, GE Healthcare, Siemens, MEDITECH, Epic and McKesson Paragon.

Contact us today for expert system optimization services from professionals highly trained on all major HIT vendors.